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  • Component Teardown & Disassembly
  • How to Perfectly Replace Broken Displays
  • Repairing the Front & Rear Cameras
  • Fitting New Speakers
  • How to Fix iPhones with Poor Batteries
  • Fixing iPhones with Broken Casing or Glass
  • Over 20 Unique Major Repair Jobs!
  • Water Damage Troubleshooting
  • BGA controller chip configuration
  • Take part in a creative group that teaches you how to craft wood products. Exercise on how to use wood tools and woodworking techniques.



  • iPhone Repair Technician Training - Advanced iPhone Repair Training
  • iPhone Repair Technician Training - Advanced Hands-on Repair Training – Level 1
  • This advanced hands-on repair training course has numerous levels that were deliberately created for different students and to sensibly match the level that they are at. This handy course includes:
  • Soldering skills
  • Learning about network concept and structure for varying devices
  • De-soldering methods
  • Dealing with liquid damage on PCB boards
  • How to open smartphones
  • Comprehending how to take apart and rebuild all kinds of phones such as flip, slider and straight phones
  • Acquiring the proper tools to open up and put cellphones back together
  • Recognizing physical damage on PCB boards
  • ESN, SIM and IMEI relationship and concept
  • Cellphone unlocking help
  • Data transfer knowledge
  • Understanding data recovery
  • And more!


Setting up an iPhone Repair Business
Discover the 5 fatal mistakes of typical repair businesses
How to Establish a Constant Stream of Repair Business
Where to Buy Cheap Broken iPhones
Refurbishing & Selling Them at Over 100% Profit
Where to Buy Cheap Broken Tablets
Advertising the Refurbished Phones to Command the Highest Profit
Where to Get Parts at 50% Lower Prices

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Learn How I Make  $3,500 to $5,000 Monthly Buying  & Selling Used & Broken Smartphones  using a simple system which i created.



  • There are over 5 billion cell phone users worldwide since 2010 and this number is growing.
  • The iPhone 4 sells in stores for $199 and $500+ on eBay - can you answer why?
  • Businesses are popping up everywhere advertising to buy your old, seemingly obsolete cell phones.
  • There's a huge unsaturated market that you're unaware of - and it's right under your nose!




  • No start-up costs. No storefront.
  • No previous knowledge.
  • Just 30 Minutes A Day = More Money Than You're Thinking

Remember, This does not have to do with mobile marketing or cell phone contracts. This entrepreneurial business model I've created has brought me success for nearly three years. There are NO start-up costs and no previous knowledge is necessary.



What's There To Learn To Begin Making Money, You Ask?

Where to buy and sell cell phones, how to maximize profits, the value of new, used, and broken cell phones

How to assess condition and functionality, benefit from networking, and make cost-effective trades.How much to pay for cell phones in brand new, used, completely shattered and unusable conditions. Inevitable mistakes explained and how to overcome them before they even happen.



  • Smartphone resale business pack will teach you exactly
  • how to make lots of money by selling used and broken smartphones
  •  From the comfort of your own Home!


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Learn Step By Step How

To Hack A Computer Network

Liability Disclaimer:
The information provided in this book is to be used for educational purposes only. The author of this ebook is in no way responsible for any misuse of the information provided. All of the information presented in this book is meant to help the reader develop a hacker defense attitude so as to prevent the attacks discussed. In no way shall the information provided here be used to cause any kind of damage directly or indirectly. The word “Hack” or “Hacking” used extensively throughout this book shall be regarded as “Ethical Hack” or “Ethical hacking” respectively.
You implement all the information provided in this book at your own risk.




One of the great mysteries in computer security management is the modus operandi of criminal hackers. If you don't know how they can attack you, how can you protect yourself from them? Prepare to be enlightened.

This ebook is not intended to show criminal hackers how to break computer  systems and networks, but rather to show how attackers can take advantage of your mistakes. This will enable you to avoid the common pitfalls that criminal hackers exploit.

Here's a preview of what you'll learn:

  • Hacking Fundamentals- ( The Basics)
  • Intrusion Detection Penetration & Testing
  • Real Live Computer Systems And Network Hacking Simulation
  • Data Target Collections And Analysis
  • Port Scanning And Take Down
  • How To Compromise & Crack System Passwords
  • Gaining Entry Through Backdoors And Trojans
  • How To Compromise & Hack Wireless Networks 
  • Hacking Tools & Software 
  • And Much More! Have Fun.......


Knowledge Brings Confidence

Step By Step How To Hack A Computer Network.  is a reference book that you can not afford to be without, if you are at all interested in securing your computer systems. With the information contained in this e-book, you should be well on your way to fighting back attackers who steal your personal information from your computer.


The knowledge gained from this e-book will allow you to figure out the methods employed by hackers to steal and plant virus on your computer.

You'll be able to protect your system and prevent an attack before it happens, knowing what is needed and what is going on at all stages of the attack..

Once your system is up and running, this e-book will continue to serve as an easy guide to your system.

Priced at only $29.95 USD  this e-book will absolutely benefit the novice as well as prove helpful to the more experienced system administrators. 

Step By Step How To Hack A Computer Network.  will give you the knowledge to go about the installation and/or maintenance of your computer system with a feeling of confidence and self-reliance. The answers to the numerous questions that arise about hacking a computer system will be readily available. 


"I really thank you for this book. twenty-five minutes of reading and I got more information

than after 2 weeks with searching for computer hacking." 
Tammy Green Raleigh, NC USA


Added Benefit
One of the advantages of e-books is that they can be updated easily. As the technology is rapidly evolving and, as this is an e-book, it can and will be continually updated to reflect any advances.This e-book will not become outdated as soon as the technology changes, as do print books.

As an added benefit, when you order this e-book, any revisions to the e-book will be forwarded to you, free of charge, via e-mail.
As stated earlier, Step By Step How To Hack A Computer Network was written with the idea in mind of taking some of the mystery out of hacking a computer, in the hopes of exposing computer hacking and hackers methodology. 
I'm so sure that you will find this e-book beneficial that I'm willing to back it up with a 100% unconditional, money-back guarantee.




Laptop Repair Videos

  • Do you want to learn how to fix laptops?
  • Are you afraid to work on laptops for fear of breaking them?
  • Do you want to expand your skill set so you can
  • make big money fixing laptops instead of sending the business away?
  • Receive the same high level of Podnutz quality, as Steve releases the long awaited Laptop Repair Video Collection!




Component Level Laptop Motherboard Repair

This is a fully comprehensive instructional course in getting into the business of repairing all makes of laptops. Chip-level Training will be customized for your present knowledge of electronics. 


It is an intensive coverage into the intricate details of chip-level service of the laptops. This involves detailed circuit tracing , signal analysis , replacement of SMD devices and all the tips and tricks our service engineers acquired from the years of experiences.




Best Eletronic Repair Book

  •   Troubleshooting The Microcontroller Circuits In Electronic Equipment
  •  Troubleshooting And Repairing Mainboard
  •   How To Perform A Simple Voltage Test On Circuit Board
  •   Understanding Transistor Function In Electronic Circuits
  •   How To Completely Tackle Intermittent Faults In Electronic Circuits





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